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 As'sayed Rafea Mohamed Rafea

"If the dust that covers the revelations to the Prophets as well as the wisdom of the Sages was moved away, people will find that they all belong to one revelation, one Truth, and one Religion of interrelated circles."

"The loftiest of all sciences is the one related to human’s knowledge of their own selves. And the most cherished of all gains for a human being is to realize being really ‘human’."


Spiritual knowledge is not meant to be
for a certain creed, religion or culture ...
It is for everyone.

Assayed Ali Rafea

"Religion is one; one revelation that all Prophets came to convey and to introduce as the universal law of life. All revelations were meant to teach humans how to grow and to be transformed into more elevated beings; ones that are capable of soaring freely in a world beyond this earth."

"If a human being is a Muslim in the broader sense of the word, he or she would be in a high spiritual state enjoying inner peace and will thus accept others and be at peace with them."


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